Tuesday, December 04, 2012


We've taken quite a liking to tennis as of lately.  Our family gets out on the court and makes up our own rules as they are needed.  Serving is never done the same [right] way, and backhands never look quite like, well, backhands.  If someone hits the ball over the fence it is HER responsibility to make the trip outside the fence to fetch it.  As long as we can keep the ball in flight, we're good!

Daniel played when he was in high school - I played when I was in junior high gym class (I think).  We are trying to close the gap in the learning curve between Daniel and the rest of us (on warm days).  Watching us provides much amusement, I'm certain.  Each of us girls slams the ball into one of the other courts and Daniel yells "switch", at which point everyone runs to the closest court where the ball was lobbed so the one getting the ball doesn't have to run so far back.  

The best part about it are the sweet memories being built that will last a lifetime - for all of us.

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