Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ali-ism; Alphabetical Order?

The girls and I were out at the property yesterday.

The woman whom we're buying the place from just lost her father last month, so on the way home it was normal conversation of where he might be buried.  It went something like this:

Ali:  I bet Miss Gerri's dad is buried in that cemetary (pointing to one on the left)

Syd:  Just look for a large mound of dirt...

Me:  Girls that's a big cemetary, I doubt you're going to see it - and even if you do that doesn't mean it's Miss Gerri's dad's plot.

Ali:  It wouldn't be too hard to find, they're buried alphabetically (she's 17 and she was serious!)

Needless to say, I had a difficult time driving the rest of the way home because I was laughing so hard!


  1. Lol!! They make me smile, when I am sure it's nothing that could possibly make me!!! Thanx you!!
    Miss Gerri

  2. Seriously...how embarrassing!

    Now my "perfect reputation" is RUINED :P

    Love you mom!


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