Saturday, January 21, 2012

Old Man Winter Visited

Well, old man winter finally decided to grace us with his presence last night.  Not like it's been around some of your parts, but just a light dusting.  It's been a mild winter everywhere it seems, but this year we were so hoping for some real *white stuff* since we've been out of it for five years.  So much for the sleds that were bought for Christmas!

It was enough for Sydney to get soaked on the trampoline.  She came in with her teeth chattering like a pair of vintage wind-up dentures.  The girls went to bed late last night, with dreams and high-hopes of snowball fights with their friends after church tomorrow :o)  I do hope we get one good snow before it's all over. 

Just enough to be a tease...

And enough to be concerned for Daniel on the road this morning.  My feeling of it is this - if it's going to be cold enough to freeze - give us something for it to be worthwhile (just once or twice). 

Everyone is keeping warm and cozy today.  Ali is wrapped up in an electric blanket on her bed with the Kindle - reading a civil war book (With Lee in Virginia), Syd is curled up in the big comfy chair (with her favorite companion, Toby) making her way through another Nancy Drew game, I've got my feet propped up on the sofa in my favorite L.L.Bean sweater - thumbing through some old Country Living magazines, and Daniel is at Lowes, picking up sealant.  Well, three out of four isn't bad.

Warm thoughts!

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