Saturday, January 28, 2012

Driving, Nature Center, and Geo-Caching

Anyone who knows us, knows we love to be out-of-doors.  However, Daniel does not like to get too cold.  And - we want to live somewhere that has all. four. seasons.  Virginia is perfect. Although we haven't seen any *real* snow yet this winter, it has been cold enough to stay in from the cold.  But not cold enough to keep us from outdoors, completely! 

Ali needed practice hours behind the wheel for drivers education, Syd wanted to go back to the nature center, Daniel wanted to get OUT (geo-caching), and I wanted to be with them all - so we made a day of it.

Ali climbed into the driver's seat and took us up the mountain to see the Wintergreen ski resort and tubing area (we're headed there to go tubing soon) and go to their nature center. 

Above you see Syd sifting through the archaeological dig site in the nature center.

Ali being eaten by a bear skin.
And me spending time with my favorite guy!
Daniel reading all about the native creatures around our area (never can know too much!).
I love the gray he's getting - sophisticated and stately.  You can't see it in my hair, yet.

Upstairs in the nature center there's a kids area.  Syd wanted to present a puppet show, so Ali joined in and helped her out.  And don't let Ali tell you any different - she enjoyed herself immensely.

After the nature center we went geo-caching. 
Daniel loves the outdoors - it's his element.  With him working so much these days, I wanted him the chance to get back to nature.  One was enough for him this day! It was rather chilly!

I found this one.  
Actually, he found it first, but insisted that I be the person to "find it" 
and wouldn't even give me a clue - can you believe that?

Syd loves to be in the outdoors just as much as her daddy!  
She is definitely her father's daughter.

Ali on the other hand - is her mother's daughter!  
She would rather be thrifting, but loves spending time with
her Daddy-O!

 That was it for our day out.  Later, Ali drove us home, for dinner we had chili that I had put in the slow cooker before we left, and watched a movie together.  I'm so thankful for the family the Lord has given me.
I am truly Blessed.

Hope you are too!

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