Saturday, November 05, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

Today has been wonderful!
It was a day full of mostly nothing, but fellowship.  And fellowship is good.
Ali and Syd spent time together
Syd spent time playing outside with friends
Ali spent time (driving & geo-caching) with her daddy
Syd spent time (bug-hunting) with her daddy
Mommy spent time with Daddy - we went on a date.  Boy do I love this man of mine!
Actually, our date started last night and ended this afternoon :o)  I love those kinds of dates!
It wasn't anything extravagant, but we were together and enjoyed each others company.  We were going to watch a movie last night, but instead sat on the couch together discussing things that needed to be discussed (current situations, dreams, goals...).  My legs were over his as he scratched them (I love scratches!) and I rubbed the back of his neck (gotta be careful, I've been known to put him to sleep that way).  We must have sat, just talking, for at least two hours, but it sure didn't seem long enough!  
Our date continued this morning.  We slept in followed by a Saturday morning snuggle and then got up and hit the road.  The girls did some scrap-booking and card-making while we met someone that wanted to see the camera.  We've been curious about a couple little shops on the way into town so we decided last night we would take advantage of this trip to stop and see what they were all about.  While in town we stopped at the store and picked up supplies to have picnic style brunch (tabbouleh, cheese sticks, Naked juice, and corn chips w/guacamole).  The company was far better than the meal :o)
When we arrived home we found Ali at her usual place, the piano.  And Syd was outside playing with her friends from next door - they were acorn inspectors...

It was so cute to watch them.  They used everything we've allowed them to use in building their "outdoor kitchen".  They were making some sort of dessert with the acorns.  However, they were astonished to find worms in nearly every acorn they broke open so they put them all in the bug box and deemed them "pets".

I'm so blessed to have the ability to share in all these things!
Thank you Lord!


  1. If only hubby & I could have a date like that. With two kids & no help, we just can't find time. I'm jealous!!

  2. are a gifted writer! I am so thankful for what God is up to in our sweet new friendship. He is the giver of all good gifts!!
    blessings, kendra


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