Monday, October 31, 2011

This and That

I happen to go right past a Goodwill on the way home, I figured I should stop and see what kind of goodies they may have.  I didn't find anything that day, but I did experience a pretty funny moment in the parking lot.
I was on my way out, unlocking the car door when I saw this amazing looking creature - the "aloha bug" (a name I gave it because it reminds me of a shirt you would wear in Hawaii).  God's creativity never ceases to amaze me!  Anyhow, I happened to have the camera with me - why not take a picture of this distinctly unique bug?!?!  I began taking picture after picture (manual focus on glass is sometimes difficult).  As I was doing this another passer-by noticed me.  And very curiously asked "what are you doing?"  I explained to him I was only taking a picture of a bug.  He slowly retreated and then, like a light bulb finally came on, began chuckling and said "oh!  I thought you were a private investigator or something trying to crack a case."  I responded with - well, I do have kids and sometimes I hold that title too, but that's not the case this particular time!  We laughed and parted ways - and I got my picture!  I couldn't help, but laugh to myself when I got back in the car, sent a text message to Kendra and told her of my "laughable moment", and headed home.
Life has been pretty laid-back lately!  Nothing huge to report!  It is SO good to have Daniel back with us.  I feel so blessed that I have such a wonderful husband and really, really great daughters.  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the small trials we endure, but in the end I have to (for the sake of comparison) think of all the other parents that deal with SO much more, and I feel, at that moment, humbled and compelled to lift my eyes to Heaven and thank my Father for the mercy He bestows upon us!  Really, we've got it easy - and for that, I'm thankful!
Weather here has been up and down, quite literally.  We've experienced snow already, but for the most part we have sun-shining, temperate days to be out in.  In the evenings it's perfect weather for snuggling under the covers.  And what better to go with that snuggling, but a sweet "I love you" whispered in my ear. 
Syd has two new friends - little girls - that live right next door and they like to climb the trees.  And Ali - same as always - outdoors with the camera catches those moments!  Unless it's too cold...

Then she stays inside where it's a little warmer! I asked her to pose with a more serious face.  Her response? "Mom, you're always encouraging me to just be me - this is ME!  Seriousness is not me!"   And I couldn't say anything to that - a Selah moment for Mom!


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  1. What a wonderful story about the camera call. I hope this is the beginning of a long wonderful friendship for you!

    Your daughter's comment- priceless!


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