Thursday, August 18, 2011

Long Pause

There has been a very long lull in my blogging.
Allow me to explain...

Once the boys were taken away, my heart shattered.  Daniel and I had decided to never do foster care or think about adoption again.  But time passed and the Lord turned our hearts one more time.  Putting our own tears and fears behind us - we moved into a larger house - and opened our home to the initial call we felt.

We took in two young girls that stayed with us for all those months.

Bella, one of the cutest toddlers I've known, that happened to need a lot of attention (and discipline).

Marisol, a five year old little girl that made a miraculous turn around while she was with us.

My days were full, and our time was completely consumed therefore blogging had to be put on the back burner.  We know these two had a purpose in our life and that was the reason for us remaining in foster care. 

This story has a happy ending.  Their biological parents did what they needed to do and the children were able to return home with them.  But not before we were able to plant a lot of Seeds.  We became fairly close with (at least) the mother and had the opportunity to share the Gospel with her - and she was very receptive.  We put them in touch with a great church and many resources.  This was, we feel, a divine appointment.

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