Saturday, August 27, 2011


We may be in a hurricane, but that's no reason to allow perfectly beautiful roses get ripped to shreds.  I waited until there was a lull in the winds and headed to the rose bush.

  Beauty in the midst of destruction.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finding the Appalachian Trail

(Did you know the pronunciation of the word Appalachian indicates, to the locals, whether you're a tourist or not?  I've always known the second 'a' in the word to be a long vowel sound, and the 'ch' to make the 'sh' sound.  Out here, that second 'a' takes on the short vowel sound and the 'ch' sounds like 'ch' (as in choke) - and those two little differences define you as a tourist.)

In any case, the girls and I ventured up the side of the mountain the other day in search of the Appalachian Trail.  It seemed like we were driving forever with no sign of the AT in sight, so we decided to pull off at one of the small overlooks.

This was our first stop.  A place called "Stone Fences", named for the way the huge rocks make fence-like structures - everywhere you turn.  After leaving this spot we ventured further and further until we thought we'd missed the AT completely (how does one miss the Appalachian Trail)?  We did find another parking area that looked promising so we went to explore.

But it wasn't the AT either.  By this time is was late, late afternoon and we still had to make a couple more stops on the way home, so time was of the essence.  The girls and I decided there was no better time than the present and surrendered to the opportunity in hiking up this trail; "Humpback Rocks".

The elevation changed quickly and so did the, once smooth, gravel path we began.  But we persevered since we had no idea what lay before us.  Curiosity killed the cat....

Elevation continued to climb with every step we took and as you can see - I mean that so very literally.  Still, we continued on - huffing and puffing.

Somewhere along the way the trail seemed to fizzle out.  Luckily in the area, they leave blaze marks on trees to indicate you're still on the path.  I thank God for whomever created those blue paint marks on the trees.

We hiked, and hiked, and hiked... until we thought we'd gone 100 miles.  Until this sign appeared.  Yep, we had hiked forever and this sign made it official!  Eight miles and each bead of sweat, each gasp of air, each quiver of our muscles made their boast in it too!

...and then we looked closer.  Do you see it?  The "." before the 8?  That's right, (point).8 miles.  All of the sudden our egos were deflated and we thought very loudly, each one of us "What?  They're crazy, that was more than .8 miles".  And I can assure you, it did indeed feel like much more than .8 miles.  But we made it to the top.  We had persevered...

...and when we reached the zenith of the hike, it was very much worth the bullets we sweated to get there!

Looking down at God's glorious creation from 3200 feet above sea level.  It smelled so good, so fresh.   And the breeze was phenomenal.  Exactly what we needed to recharge (after all we had to go back the way we had come).  The many people we ran into said it was easier on the way down, but I have to disagree - it was equally as difficult - in a different kind of way (kind of like a dry heat).

But along the way we saw all sorts of different interesting things. And at one point a (very tame) squirrel jumped from his perch right above us, to seize an acorn than had just fallen.  Scared the daylights out of us (we had just been discussing BigFoot).

We had a great (very long) day.  As you recall I told you we began this hike late afternoon.  Yes, well, it took us quite a while to finish, which made for a very late evening.  After our (late) dinner, final stops, and the drive home it was well after eleven, but we sure did sleep well that night!

(PS - we never did find the Appalachian Trail that day)

Monday, August 22, 2011

sydney bought a dollhouse

...and she loves it.  She decided it needed a bit of tlc.  With some of her birthday monies she bought acrylic paints to give it a bit more flair.

And Toby, the cat, likes it just fine.

Friday, August 19, 2011

When the Lord Speaks

When the LORD Himself speaks in His own proper person rather than through a prophet, the word has a peculiar weight to believing minds. It is Jehovah Himself who is the keeper of His own vineyard; He does not trust it to any other, but He makes it His own personal care. Are they not well kept whom God Himself keeps?

We are to receive gracious watering, not only every day and every hour "but every moment." How we ought to grow! How fresh and fruitful every plant should be! What rich clusters the vines should bear!

But disturbers come; little foxes and the boar. Therefore, the LORD Himself is our Guardian, and that at all hours, both "night and day." What, then, can harm us? Why are we afraid! He tends, He waters, He guards; what more do we need?

Twice in this verse the LORD says, "I will." What truth, what power, what love, what immutability we find in the great "I will" of Jehovah! Who can resist His will? If He says "I will," what room is there for doubt? With an "I will" of God we can face all the hosts of sin, death, and hell. O LORD, since Thou sayest, "I will keep thee," I reply, "I will praise Thee!"

--Charles Spurgeon

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Long Pause

There has been a very long lull in my blogging.
Allow me to explain...

Once the boys were taken away, my heart shattered.  Daniel and I had decided to never do foster care or think about adoption again.  But time passed and the Lord turned our hearts one more time.  Putting our own tears and fears behind us - we moved into a larger house - and opened our home to the initial call we felt.

We took in two young girls that stayed with us for all those months.

Bella, one of the cutest toddlers I've known, that happened to need a lot of attention (and discipline).

Marisol, a five year old little girl that made a miraculous turn around while she was with us.

My days were full, and our time was completely consumed therefore blogging had to be put on the back burner.  We know these two had a purpose in our life and that was the reason for us remaining in foster care. 

This story has a happy ending.  Their biological parents did what they needed to do and the children were able to return home with them.  But not before we were able to plant a lot of Seeds.  We became fairly close with (at least) the mother and had the opportunity to share the Gospel with her - and she was very receptive.  We put them in touch with a great church and many resources.  This was, we feel, a divine appointment.

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