Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ali Goes To An Inauguration

Ali had the extreme honor of working/volunteering at the historical inauguration of Texas' Governor Rick Perry today.  What made this "historical"?  Governor Perry took his place in office, again, after winning the election, filling this seat for his third consecutive term.  Never before in history has this happened.

the Governor's inaugural speech (compliments of Ali)

just a pretty picture (compliments of Ali)
She had such a great time and what an opportunity!  Unfortunately, she says she could see Governor Perry, but couldn't actually "see" as her glasses didn't come in until five o'clock this evening (four hours too late).  All is well however, she was able to hear his inaugural address, in person.  She says that she'll be able to tell her grandchildren that she was serving beans and bratwurst at this historic event :o)

Then it was off to meet her AWANA quiz group for practice and dinner - busy day, tired little lady tonight!
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