Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Few New Things To Find Joy In

...bibs turned into superhero capes

...acorns in the washing machine

...taking up the biggest table at a restaurant

...first time questions like "are they all yours?"

...forts made out of beach towels, garden hoses, and rocks

...jumping, running, and flying

...sound effects


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Miracle Multiplication

The house is quiet.  Which, lately has been very rare, but I am relishing in the non-existance of noise.

It seems that we had just found our groove and our world was once again rocked.  This past Thursday we received a call asking for [another] placement in our home.  It was, at that point, I wanted to shut the doors and pretend the rest of the world didn't exist, but it does, and I didn't shut the door.  An eleven year old girl and a seven month old boy came to us, with much protest late Thursday evening.  We had just celebrated Justin turning three, everyone was outside with their "party favor" (punching balloons) and the doorbell rang.

Friday seemed like it would never end.  We had an entire house running on too little sleep and lots of adrenaline.  Add "boys" into that mixture and you have a potentially explosive combination.  At the end of Friday I was ready to call the agency and tell them we couldn't (I couldn't) do this and they had to find another place for the kiddos.  But the Lord calmed my heart and gave grace and peace like I've only felt a few times in my life.  Daniel, being the wonderful husband he is, admonished me for even attempting and wanting to help - and asked if we could give it the weekend - he would call on Monday if we thought it wasn't going to work.

Monday has come and gone.  And the kiddos are still with us.  Gabriela and Jesse are still here and life is back to "normal" (if I can call it that).

I've gone from three kids (really two since the oldest is married, out on her own) to six in about one month - our kiddos now range from nineteen all the way down to seven months.
Boy has the Lord changed my heart.  When?  I have no idea.  Suddenly, I went from wanting only one (maybe two) to wanting ten.  Maybe it had to do with some really great friends He placed in my life that had already given that area of control over to the Lord and were on their way to having their own baseball teams :o)  I saw the dynamic of a large family and my heart was forever changed.  I grew-up as an only lonely child which precipitated into me wanting more babies!!!!  But I thought we would have them the normal, conventional way - the fun way...

Nope, nothing "normal" comes from us - and conventional is far from our personality profile!  Don't believe me?  Ask anyone who knows us.

Adoption - this is the way the Lord will have us to do it right now - and it's interesting [to say the least].  Which, makes sense - He is the King of Adoption!

My once quiet, decorated, predictable home is no longer quiet.  Decorated?  The boys have only been here a month - I'll give it a little while longer; JC doesn't seem to have the ability to cohabitate with ANYTHING without breaking it, therefore I'm putting all the priceless momentos away and saving them for the next season, the one withOUT little boys jumping [aimlessly] through the house.  And predictable?  Bahaha ha ha ha ha ha!  No way!
The two new kiddos who are with us seem to be doing well.  Gabriela is eleven and quite compliant (right now).  She seems like she aims to please and wants to excel and do well in school - those are wonderful qualities.  Little Jesse is seven months and has been diagnosed as a Down's Syndrome baby.  He's a bit delayed, developmentally, but cute as ever!  I've been ever-so-gently trying to convince him that he needs a bit of a schedule, but he's been completely opposed.  Not sure what the schedule was at home, but he's doing well here.  His sister told us she's happy to be here because her little brother doesn't cry all the time.  That made me happy at the same time it broke my heart.

I'm doing great - as a momma of six (all of the sudden).  I know Gabriela and Jesse aren't permanent, but Daniel and I definitely would like to have this many of our own - or more.  We'll take it a step at a time, but for right now, I think we've given a new meaning to 'miracle multiplication' ;o)

A friend of mine used to joke with me about staying up late and sleeping in because our girls were so independent.  She used to tell me that more kiddos would rock my world...
Well, Susan, it definitely has and I love it.  And Ali says she knows exactly how Emily feels and she loves it.

However, I think we're at "capacity" - guess it's time to start looking for a bigger house and a twelve-fifteen passenger van

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Salvation is from our side a choice; from the divine side it is a seizing upon, an apprehending, a conquest by the Most High God. Our accepting and willing are reactions rather than actions.

--A.W. Tozer

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Life With Boys

Life is definitely different being a mom with boys in the mix.  Just a couple things to share for posterity sake...

JC (the 4 year old) is like a bowl in a china closet.  How a child can be so incredibly coordinated and yet so clumsy - is beyond my scope of understanding.  But this morning was a true JC moment (I'm finding he has LOTS of these moments).
He gets up VERY early in the morning because he's been trained to wake early enough to catch a bus that takes him to daycare.  He's no longer going to "school" so we're encouraging him to sleep in and to be quiet in the morning so little brother can sleep a bit longer.

This morning Daniel got up with him, hoping to keep him quiet so the rest of the house could sleep in.  So, they got up, got dressed and went outside to fix a bike.  All in one fail swoop (insert image of Hemy from Over the Hedge) JC hops up and in a flash ran in the house while saying "I gotta pee...".  Daniel tried to stop him to simply have him go outside, cause boys can do that :o), but says he was gone before he could even get one syllable across his lips.

From the inside, this is what I [abruptly] awoke to...
The back door slamming, little feet stomping through the house, the bathroom door slamming closed, the toilet lid being tossed up, and a little boy relieving himself of a full bladder, while all the while singing (in a very 'strong' voice) the first verse to the well-known children's bible song -


Evidently it only takes one verse for a little guy to empty a bladder.

~ and ~

The entire house was awake and started the day!

Later on in the afternoon - I watched this same little guy climb a tree while everything in me wanted to yell out the window"get down, you're going to get hurt...", I decided to just watch, quietly, from the kitchen window.  I figured if he climbed too high I would stop him, but he only went up so far and stopped.  However, holding on to (hugging) the trunk and sliding down wasn't such a good idea.  He came in crying because the inside of this arms, his belly, and one temple were all sorts of scratched up.  I felt helpless - I couldn't do anything to make those tiny, pin-like scratches stop burning like his crying was indicating.  Although, I really wanted to explain to him "this is exactly why you shouldn't be climbing trees" [but I didn't].  I soaked a washcloth with cold water and cooled the injuries.  The rest of the day he walked around holding his arms from his body in the same manner as Arnold Schwarzenegger.
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