Friday, April 20, 2007

Snippets From Syd; Cat On a Stick

We have just recently had the privilege of lunch at our family's favorite Chinese buffet. We enjoy this restaurant, but in our OWN family humor we found something on the buffet that, although we love it, we gave it our own name. This would not be a name that I would want to share with say.....the owners or anything, just an inside joke for our ears only. The item, to which I am referring, is baked chicken on a skewer that has a reddish color on the outside.

Just a short preface about how it got it's name...

One day, while enjoying the chicken, our youngest daughter (about 4 years at the time) asked us what it was. We told her (family humor inserted here) that it was called "cat on a stick". We have since told her what it is truthfully, but from that point on we have referred to it, amongst ourselves, as "cat on a stick".

Well, during our most recent visit we seated ourselves about twelve feet away from the buffet area. Our oldest daughter made a trip back to the buffet for more just as fresh food was brought out (by the owners). She excitedly turned around and announced, in a clear, audible voice.... "Mom, they have more 'cat on a stick'...".

Out of the mouth of babes....

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