Thursday, October 15, 2009

Zippy's Zip is Back ~ With Her Fancy New Accessories

So Zippy has been to the doctor.  He fixed and bandaged her up really nice ~ very stylishly too [might I add].  And since I had a request to see Zippy in her current bandaged state ~

And she has her old *zip* back ~ as you can see ~ a little cast with puppy paws on it is not keeping her down!  Sandy seems to enjoy the friend to play with.  Especially since Zippy knows that her friend could swallow her in one gulp.

Oh, and take note of the new jewelry Zippy is sporting this lovely evening.  Sydney just insisted she get her a necklace that showed she was a girl dog.  Both girls wanted ME to buy her clothes ~ I had to draw the line somewhere!  I told them if they thought she needed a t-shirt that said "gold digger" they would have to spend their own money!  Funny how Zippy, immediately, didn't *need* that shirt :o)  Besides neither one of them knew what the shirt meant ~ they were just intrigued with all the diamond studs about the shirt.

And even better yet ~ all those nasty little bugs that came in with Zippy?  They're gone too!  Praise God!  Now all she needs is a bath (in a mighty BIG way).  But can't do that for another week or so ~ and yes, as a matter of fact I AM counting the days!

Well, enough about Zippy ~ I'm sure you'll read more about her in time to come, but for now I must head off to bed.  Honey and I are planning to play a new game tonight and I have to go join him.  So for now I bid you all ado.

Peace and Blessings to all of you friends!

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