Saturday, October 10, 2009

Zippy without the Zip

I've written, in short, of a stray puppy that comes to visit us quite often.  Our family has become rather fond of her, to say the least.  We have affectionately named her "Zippy" because she is all the time zipping to and fro, here and there.  She comes to visit regularly, plays with Sandy, makes Sydney's day, annoys Gabby (the cat), and then leaves ~ goes home.

As it turns out Zippy doesn't really have a "home".  She has an owner, but sleeps and eats wherever she can find the means ~ we always assumed she just came by because she was the neighborhood hospitality counsel.  However, recently Zippy has lost her zip.  Unfortunately, she was hit by a car just yesterday ~ her rear leg is broken and her owner has chosen to take no responsibility for her care.

We had no idea what to do.  Who else did that leave?  Well...

Zippy (and her fleas) are currently residing in our spare room, upon a bed of old pillows and all sorts of doll and barbie accessories ~ to make her as comfortable as she can be, considering the circumstances, of course.

After speaking with several veterinarians in the area ~ finding out how much it would cost to get Zippy fixed, we thought we would be taking her to the pound, to be put to sleep.  But God is good!  In the girls' prayers Zippy has remained ~ asking for a way that we could "get her fixed".

Via some fancy web-surfing last night, we found a wonderful organization that takes care of these types of situations.  People who can't afford to get their pets fixed, people who find strays that are hurt, and so forth...

Needless to say ~

Zippy has an appointment Monday morning to get her leg fixed.  And that makes for two very happy little girls (and their mommy and daddy too).
From this point on ~ Zippy will be the newest edition to our family.

PS ~ oddly enough, the girls have been [secretly] asking God for another dog in their prayers, while Honey has been praying for the growth/expansion of our family... he says this is not quite what he had in mind!  I think we need to make sure to be more specific in our prayers from now on :o)

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