Wednesday, August 26, 2009

T'was a Wasp

Once again - out on the trampoline!  They told me they were going to have a marathon day of it - on the trampoline until Dad got home.  And of course I don't mind since we haven't started school yet.  In this picture they're watching the wasp that joined them.  They were spraying down the trampoline, and each other (ahem.and everything else within fifty feet) and Mr. Wasp wanted something to drink.  They decided to take a break to make sure they didn't upset the tender balance :o)

And right now - they're outside, on the trampoline, together, having a "sister picnic".
I'm so glad they are as close as they are!

Sibling relationship - that is something that I've never had and wish I could have!  I didn't have a sister and my brothers are SO much older than I.  Still - I remember longing for that close friendship; of sisters.

Thank you Lord for a close family ~ now!

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