Monday, July 06, 2009


Wow!  The fourth of July has come and gone.  Without hesitation.
It has been some time since I've been here to write a post; nearly a month.  We are, in fact, moved in the new place and slowly, but surely, making it a home.  We've had a garage sale (another to come this weekend) to get rid of a few things that we didn't feel we wanted to haul around any longer and found a few new [to us] things (on the curb, at garage sales, from thrift stores) to use. 
The girls adore the new space they have to stretch out and have done A LOT of it!  Sydney still has quite a fondness of playing "kitty", where she pretends to be a wild cat running through the African Savana - at full speed ~ while Ali, being a little over fourteen now, enjoys getting away from Sydney while she is pretending to be that kitty :o)
The girls are still sharing a room as we still have plans to bring another child [or two] in our home.  There is still a list of things to do in order for that to happen, but haven't yet gotten to it.  To tell the truth, the excitement of having more children in our home has escaped me, just recently, as our two are finally getting to the stage of being successfully independent.  I love being able to go on dates and spend time with my Daniel; laugh, joke, play, just be friends.  I am so blessed to be married to my best friend.  And I look forward to the days ahead that we'll have together.
We celebrated Daddy's Day; no huge to-do because Daniel's birthday comes just shortly afterwards.  We chose to save all the big stuff for his birthday and that we did!  He woke up July 2nd and went to work for another record-breaking day in the heat.  He's told me throughout the past couple of weeks that the temperature at his desk ~ midday has been about 104.  The girls and I thought it would be a good thing to get him out of there for his birthday and take him somewhere he would LOVE - an amusement/water park.  My husband loves thrill and swimming, so for his birthday I bought another annual pass to Sea World.  He's mentioned how much fun we had - in a reminiscent tone so I thought it would be a good birthday gift.
I contacted his boss and arranged a day off for him, with a specific way to get him out of there.  Another of the supervisors, personally, escorted him off the property, which totally took him by surprise.  On our end, the girls and I schemed for days to make it seem 'real' and get him to the places we needed him to be for our plans to succeed.  In any case - I called Daniel right after his morning meetings (when he was suppose to be sent home) and he told me he was on his way home.  At that point, I informed him that I had found a free leather couch, on craigslist, in San Antonio, near Sea World and the girls and I were on our way out the door to go get it, but we would wait for him.  I had the cooler packed, swimsuits ready, and the seats pulled from the middle of the van to be convincing.  The girls and I revisited the plan to make sure everyone knew their part.  It worked - Daniel was soon home and in the van with us to go "pick-up a sofa".  I had directions written down to the place we were headed, which were really just an alternative route to Sea World.  When we were close - I pretended to have written the wrong address down.  Very upset with myself, I asked him what we should do at that point.  The girls chimed in asking to stop and find out how much passes were to Sea World this year.  We parked and readied ourselves to go check prices - as usual Ali requested to stay in the van and read (this was planned).  Once Daniel, Sydney, and I were out of sight, Ali turned off the van, grabbed the backpack, and followed behind.
Once we reached the gate all three of us had to use the restrooms which, conveniently, allowed Ali to catch-up with us :o)  We'd bought Daniel a talking card (which goes against every fiber of my being) that shouted "SURPRISE" and had his pass taped to the inside of the card.
I've left out many details, but to make a long story short(er) - he was extremely surprised.  Daniel is difficult to surprise and he had NO idea about this.  We had such a good time, first at the water park, as well as the amusement park - the latter half of the day.  And Sydney rode her [first ever] roller coaster; The Great White.
Our fourth of July was a good day as well.  We've just had a wonderful extended weekend!  As the grand finale of our fireworks display was bursting in air - it gave Truth through the night that I was Free - Independent.
And I pondered for a bit on my Freedom.  My Freedom to be the person whom I choose to be; the person He purposed me to be.  I'm not the same person I once was.  By His grace I am different - better.  I have an independence that I didn't, previously, know.  I have a security that I didn't carry with me years back.  I have a confidence in what I have in the future.
He has been so gracious to provide me with the right person at the right time to minister to me.  He has been so good to provide me with a comforter; the Holy Spirit to direct me through circumstances and trials - leading me in the way He would have me to go. 
I'm so grateful to have a Savior that provides so much love.  The numerous times I've disappointed Him and he extends mercy, undeserving.  I cannot imagine life with Him.  Knowing Him has changed me; changed my life.  And I live my life now, for Him.  I have a new set of expectations to live up to.  I have found a new beginning in Him.
I live my life, these days - walking with Him, talking with Him, communing with Him; basking in His Holy Presence.

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