Monday, June 02, 2008

Snippets From Syd; Bless My Soul

When your children say things, out of innocence, with absolute pure intent,  that builds you up, does it bless your soul as much as it does mine? 

This evening our youngest came to me and asked if I would sing to her You Are My Sunshine in the "pretty" voice that I sing with at church.

It immediately took me back to my younger years when I LOVED to sing, but never received any positive feedback from it.  And the only thing that flashed through my mind was (picture this now) me, as a grown woman, who is striving to become the Proverbs 31 woman, putting my thumbs in my ears, flapping my hands to and fro, my tongue hanging from my mouth and blowing.  You know the sound I'm talking about, right?  At that moment it didn't matter how many times I didn't receive any kudos - because it just blessed my soul.

It still brings a smile to the broad expanse of my face, reaching from ear to ear.  She thinks I have a pretty voice.
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