Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fireworks In the Backseat

Monday I had to stop by and pick-up the mail as there was a package waiting for me at our local box.  It was a birthday gift from my in laws.  And a beautiful one at that. 

In any case, it came packed in a box full of packing popcorn and bubble wrap.  Our girls love popping the bubble wrap so I gave them each half of what the box contained.  Now mind you, they were in the back seat of our "Eco-egg" which is a tiny Ford Aspire.  Not a whole lot of space from the front seat to the back seat, if your catching my drift.  Yeah, it wasn't long before my sweet husband's eyes were as big as saucers and wishing I had never given them this plastic annoyance.  But it was we were driving past the different cars, they continued popping the bubbles hoping to get attention.  Sadly, they received none, until we stopped for a red light at a busy intersection.  Oh boy....

They began popping away, as fast and furious as they could.  It was like a full-blown fourth of July, fireworks display in our back seat.  It wasn't long before they noticed they had the attention of at least four cars full of people as well as the people who were walking across the street in front of us, through the Ped-Crossing.  Windows went down in the cars to see what the ordeal was and those innocent people crossing, were now ducking and power walking because they thought for sure there was an all out gang-war going on somewhere close.  The girls got a real buzz from this and then I had to wonder...

Is one of them going to end up an executioner in a local penitentiary turning the dial a little bit at a time just to get a reaction from others?  And will the other be a pyromaniac watching the heart-failure of innocent bystanders in wheelchairs crossing a bridge as the dynamite explodes, thus taking out the bridge.  AND FURTHERMORE, are those innocent bystanders going to be my husband and me? 

I knew I should have never gotten rid of that Malibu Barbie that she loved!  Dang!

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