Thursday, March 20, 2008

Snippets From Syd; Heart Warming

Doesn't music warm the heart? I am sitting here listening to our oldest daughter, who turns into a teenager in seventeen days, play Amazing Grace on the Keyboard outside our RV. When we moved in here, we had to get rid of our piano, for obvious reasons, its weight. We did buy a really nice keyboard, but, to me, it just doesn't replicate the rich sound of a real piano. And because the keyboard is 'out of sight' it is way too often 'out of mind', so I don't get to hear her play as much as she use to. But as I sit here tonight listening to her play, first her clarinet, and now the keyboard, it warms my heart, and I know this will be something I will miss when she has flown from the nest - and when she and her husband bring the grand-kids over to visit, I will ask her to play "for mommy".

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