Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snippets From Syd; Hair Diving

Once a year or so I go to the beauty salon to get my hair done. Every time I go, and they tell me what I owe them, I am once again reminded of WHY I only go ONCE a year. I have let my hair grow out, FINALLY - and wanted to get it cut into some sort of a style as well as getting it highlighted. It looks really nice and I'm very pleased with the job that was done, but my gosh, if the cost of my hair would have had any bearing on the national deficit, we would have been set into another depression, immediately! Do they really have to charge what they do? I suppose, they CAN and that is why they DO!

Anyhow, I went home sporting the new due. I must preface, we have always taught our daughters to never open the door to anyone they do not know. So, as I walked up to the door and knocked, THEY WOULDN'T OPEN THE DOOR!!!! I suppose I have to praise this obediece, even when it's me they are keeping out. Our oldest, who was entrusted to watch the youngest, said, when she finally opened the door (after me banging on the window, jumping up and down so that she could see that it was, in fact, not a stranger, but her mother)she didn't recognize me. Both girls, in awe, stood with their mouths open, ooohhhing and aaahhhing over how GREAT I looked. My youngest even said (not that I'm proud of this) "Wow mommy, you've never looked THIS pretty!". I'm not sure how I should take that one! I must have appeared to her as chopped liver prior to this day! In any case - I arrived home and the day went on.

My husband came home and he did much the same thing. He walked in the house, said hello to the girls and turned around and gasped WOW! WOW! WOW! It was almost to the point that it made me feel really bad that I had looked so awful up to this point that the man I married is almost in tears at the sight of his wife looking "good".

So, the evening continued on. We had to go to our Wednesday night small group, so we all piled in the van, however on my way to the van I hear my oldest, in awe, telling her dad "Mommy looks SOOOO.... pretty" and husband replies "yes, she, does". Now all of this is flattering, like I said, but enough is enough, we arrived at small group and was received in the same WOW! kind of manner. It's not as if I got a face lift or anything. My land! As we were gathering for the event and all of those around were making such a huge stink over my hair, my youngest daughter piped up, as THE center of attention, and informed everyone within hearing distance, "Yep, mommy got her hair 'DIVED'!"(keep in mind, earlier in the day, the oldest had informed the youngest that I had gone to get my hair DYED and cut).

With a good laugh it ended the "wow-look-at-the-previously-homely-looking,-but-she-did-her-hair-and-put-on-make-up,-lady-that-goes-to-our-church,-she-cleans-up-ok extravaganza. My hubby tells me that it wasn't that I looked BAD before hand, he says it is just the CHANGE that people where marvelling over. Maybe next week I'll take a shower!!! LOL!

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