Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas By Flashlight

This is our first year EVER to be by ourselves (no extended family) at Christmas. We could do whatever we wanted with this holiday, no holds barred, so we shook things up a little. After we all, we are 'wild & crazy' folks. Ha! Ha!

My husband and I devised, as seemingly, great plan. We decided to have our Christmas today; presents and the whole enchilada. We want to serve in the community a bit tomorrow, so this was the 'perfect' plan. We, however, did not tell the girls, thinking if they didn't know, we could sleep in hence having our cake and eat it too. NOT!

A little bit of rustling woke us earlier than WE were intending, but we decided to check it out. My husband looked under the door and saw little feet and the illumination from flashlights. Those turkeys were checking out all the goods. When we went out, they were so excited to know - they didn't have to wait another day.

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