Thursday, December 13, 2007

Emily's Thoughts on Our Dog's Hips

A friend of our daughters, back in Iowa, made a comment some time ago that has held meaning to this day. You see, we have a Golden Retriever that is not really FAT, but she is built just really big. Her rib cage and her hips are very broad, hence making her look fat. One day she was laying on the floor on her belly (head down between her paws). As this child came through, from behind, she looked over and exclaimed (with total innocence) "ARE THOSE HER HIPS?" We all laughed and to this day we always tease our Golden, asking her if those are her hips, but recently the subject came up in another way.

We were going through town and just in front of us was a truck, to be specific a Ford Duly (not sure of the spelling). Our youngest looked out and exclaimed "ARE THOSE ITS HIPS?". We were reminded of friends and good times as we all marveled at how the back end of this type of truck looks like a broad set of hips. So, Em & Mac, when you are going through town with mom, and you see one of the MANY trucks like this you can think of Ali & Syd the same as we think of you so often. Thanks for the great memories!

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