Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's My Time

our church has planned a "fall" (at 93 degrees) potluck picnic. After the eats anyone who believes can be baptized in the beautiful river right here in our grand city. As our oldest daughter and I were talking about the upcoming event, while traveling in the van the other day, our youngest chimed in and said..."is it my time mommy?" Being very careful not to encourage such a thing for the wrong reason I said to her "well, I don't know, do YOU think it's time?". She replied with a very confident and matter of fact answer..."well mommy, I believe in Jesus, I believe He is God's son, and I believe he died for my sins, yes mommy, I believe it's my time." How could I repute this answer with any more than I'll talk with Daddy about it tonight. As Daniel and I talked throughout the evening we were both convinced that she was ready. It was "her time". So we told her that if she wanted to be baptized in the river, she had to go to Pastor herself and tell him.

This morning our youngest daughter marched right up to Pastor Tom (with me behind her) after service and said to him "Pastor, it's my turn today to be that alright?" He, after talking with us, looked at my husband and said "you're doing it brother". Needless to say, this afternoon Daddy baptized his youngest daughter into the family of Christ. I thought that was soo........ cool. Our oldest and I were standing on the bank of the river with tears streaming down our faces, singing the old hymn Baptized on the Banks" and all I could think was, boy am I Blessed or what!!!
Praise be to God!

Friday, September 28, 2007

WARNING: this post may make you nautious or squeamish if you keep reading - just know that I warned

(No picture added, for obvious reasons!!!)

OK, so the whole family is on the way home from our Bible study this past Wednesday night. I don't exactly know how, but we (the whole family) became involved in a conversation about, what else, nose hair. This is where true homeschooling comes in. My husband begins to explain to our two daughters the reason for all of the many, tiny hairs in our nose. He begins, "They filter all the bad stuff like dust and pollution out of the air before it goes into our lungs." he continues on "that's what all the gross, slimy buggers (hence my forewarning) in our noses are made up of. After they have served their purpose of filtering the air, we blow our nose or sneeze and that gets rid of all that bad stuff."

And these were the next three lines of this titillating conversation: 

Daughter 2 (6 years old): Oh man, the slimy ones are my favorite!!!

Daughter 1 (12 years old): I use to like the crunchy ones...

Mom & Dad (in unison): TO EAT? YUCK, GROSS, JUST STOP!!!!!!

And you wonder "how in the world can she say she finds joy in this sort of thing"? It was the one thing from the entire day that, when I thought of it, made me giggle over my brutally honest, wonderful, little girls. There is no better way to go to sleep than with a smile on your face thinking of how great your family is. That's how.
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