Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tiny Hiny

As we all know, every child goes through certain, however, different phases in their childhood. Our five year old is going through her "animal stage". This stage, as I'm sure you are quite aware if you have kids, is where they like to pretend they are a certain type of animal and go about their day in the life, as it would be, of that certain animal. Well, our dear one loves to be a tiger right now. She moves very swiftly and efficiently on all fours, but truly sounds like a horse through the house rather than anything from the feline family. In any regard - recently we finished school for the day and with an elated voice asked if she could play tiger. I responded with the usual "yes you can, we're finished".

Just a little disclosure.....

She was wearing her favorite pink skirt, matching shirt, and COWBOY BOOTS. This is the same child that I referred to in the "snow boot" post that LOVES boots. So as she turns her body in preparation to take off on her animal adventures she positioned herself to face away from me, which means her "tiny-hiney" was in my direction. She leaped forward in her northward direction to begin the adventure, but instead her animal instincts were surpressed by way of the full moon. The heal of her boot had snagged on the hem of her skirt pulling it down and by virtue of that happening, her skirt pulled her panties down as well, bearing the full moon. She was devastated in what had just happened, but handled it well with a red face and big smile.

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