Friday, May 11, 2007

Snippets From Syd; Problems

Every night we have a bedtime routine that happens with each of our children. A very special good night course of events that is completely separate of the other.

With our oldest daughter, we sit and talk with her for a bit of things that happened throughout the day, month, year that she has conveniently forgot to talk to us about until bedtime. This conversation usually consists of what she is going to do when she gets older, how many kids she'll have, what so-in-so said to her three years ago, what her sister did to her earlier in the day, etc....

Our youngest daughter was given the gift of a prayer book that she loves to read from. It is a very big deal when we come into her room because, at this point in her life, she is beginning to read and loves to read these prayers HERSELF (and mommy loves to see her accomplishments). At the end of each of the prayers there is a reference of where in the Bible it comes from. Tonight's prayer, as she read it, was from "Problems" aka - Proverbs. I could hardly bite back the laughter that I felt welling up on the inside of me.

I bet God gets a good kick out of the things that kids say too.

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