Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Birthday

I just had to share what my kids did for my birthday today. They are such great kids and this is just another reminder of it. The entire day was focused on my birthday. Not that they needed to do this, but they thought it was grand to really make mom center of attention for the day. Here's how the day progressed...

...All of us in the kitchen making breakfast (Syd - eggs, Mom - bacon, Ali - toast).

...Girls in the kitchen making a birthday cake (from SCRATCH - not too shabby for being 12,5).

...My shower for the day (extra long birthday shower where I actually had time to shave)
(During this time the girls scurried around to decorate the dining room [from the ingredients in our party box] in order to throw me a "surprise party". They went all out, putting up a banner, table cover, plates, napkins, cups [homemade] and decorated the cake with some leftover tubed icing I had laying around. )


...Cake, fudge bars and of course the two of them singing happy birthday to me.

...Outside to find "birthday flowers" for me.

It was just the sweetest birthday I could have had. It makes me so proud they enjoy serving others so much (and it doesn't have to be me they're serving).

PS - my wonderful husband didn't forget my birthday either, even though he is 1000 miles away;

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