Friday, April 06, 2007

Ali-iam; Maturity

I have been putting a conscience effort into finding, and remembering, the things that happen from day to day, that I can look back on and laugh, smile, or just receive Joy in.

Yesterday our oldest child turned 12. Of course the schedule for the day was intermingled with many phone calls from family and friends to tell her happy birthday or sing to her that sweet little ditty that nobody can quite make sound "sweet". However, there was one call that I overheard and was later explained. It went something like this:

Grandpa:  Well, hello and Happy Birthday!!!

Child:  Thank you, Grandpa.

Grandpa:  Well, how is your day going?

Child:  Good.

Grandpa:  How do you feel? Being the big 1-2 now?

Child:  (in all seriousness) A lot more MATURE.

Oh, to be that mature again. That, folks, was just another Ali-ism.

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