Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ali-ism; The Combo

The other day our oldest daughter and I were having a conversation. Did I mention it was a TYPICAL kind of twelve-year-old conversation? You know the kind...nodding your head as much as possible to convey that you are still coherent and paying attention to all of the meaningful tidbits. Trying, as hard as you can, to keep a sweet smile on your face so it's understood you 'want' to be having this conversation because you have nothing better to be doing with your time - while, in your mind, you are yelling at the top of your lungs, petitioning for her to GET TO THE POINT, I'm going to the bathroom. I know you can relate! Now, mind you, this is the child that can remember ANYTHING, from ANY given point of her life (birth canal to present), but cannot seem to remember the rightful names of common things (hamburger, aka "happyburger" - barbecue sauce, aka "chicken dial" - garlic bread, aka "greasy bread" - turkey roast, aka "squishy meat" - salisbury steak, aka "raspberry steak") you get the idea, right?

So, during this conversation, talking about one specific event from our recent trip, she was trying to start with where this event was taking place. In doing so she COULD NOT, for the life of her, remember what the very large building, with bedrooms, we stayed in, while away from home on a vacation was called, so she started down the list: hotel, motel, townhouse, apartment, I know mom.....the "combo" we were staying in (OK folks, we stayed in a coNDo). I know, you probably had to be there, but to me that is just another one to add to the list.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Snippets From Syd; Cat On a Stick

We have just recently had the privilege of lunch at our family's favorite Chinese buffet. We enjoy this restaurant, but in our OWN family humor we found something on the buffet that, although we love it, we gave it our own name. This would not be a name that I would want to share with say.....the owners or anything, just an inside joke for our ears only. The item, to which I am referring, is baked chicken on a skewer that has a reddish color on the outside.

Just a short preface about how it got it's name...

One day, while enjoying the chicken, our youngest daughter (about 4 years at the time) asked us what it was. We told her (family humor inserted here) that it was called "cat on a stick". We have since told her what it is truthfully, but from that point on we have referred to it, amongst ourselves, as "cat on a stick".

Well, during our most recent visit we seated ourselves about twelve feet away from the buffet area. Our oldest daughter made a trip back to the buffet for more just as fresh food was brought out (by the owners). She excitedly turned around and announced, in a clear, audible voice.... "Mom, they have more 'cat on a stick'...".

Out of the mouth of babes....

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Garage Sale Gluttony

Today was the first of our 4 day "garage sale extravaganza". Every year we seem to gather, from all over the house, enough STUFF to fill another house. And yet our house is FAR from empty.

In any case, there is nothing more pleasing than having a garage sale that you don't have the all the necessaries for (tables, change, hangers...). And you schedule it to start at a certain time and people start arriving an hour and a half before that. Needless to say I was running around like a mad-woman trying to do this and that. And to top it all off my little darlings decided to have a Kool-Aid stand. Which I have to admire their gumption, but that, in and of itself, was quite......challenging.

As if all of this weren't enough, some friends brought over some of their things to get rid of and you would have thought that I had taken my children shopping or something. I heard, over and over and over, "mom look at this", "oh, mom isn't this cute", "mom, can I have this", "oh mom, this would be perfect for...". But the best, above all the rest of this "garage sale gluttony" was my oldest daughter coming to me with a dollar bill in hand asking to buy - Are you ready for this? - an item in the sale that was hers to begin with. Is that not just the end-all-be-all? You gotta love 'em. We'll have a good laugh at that one for some time to come. Love ya kiddo!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Snippets From Syd; Tender Toes and Tickles

I have to make this one as quick as I can since it is so late, but I wanted to post tonight.
Earlier this evening our 5 year old daughter petitioned for a manicure/pedicure. She had a new dress that she wanted to wear and her nails (fingers AND toes) had to match the new ensemble. I agreed and then looked at her nails. EVERY tip of EVERY phalange was no longer transparent. As a matter of fact, all twenty looked as if she had been digging a grave in a freshly watered garden. THEY WERE BLACK. I'm not just whistling dixie here, I mean to say, the sweet aroma of fresh compost could be smelled from all corners of the house.

Needless to say we had to excavate her nails. We dug and we dug until the dirt was out of her fingernails. With seemingly no trouble, she washed hands REALLY good, and painted with a very delicate color of purple that would match the dress. Then came the feet.
To preface just a tad - she took after her daddy and has VERY ticklish feet. Every time we wash her feet she goes into a frenzy. Now, cleaning the toenails have always been sort of an issue because every time you get the tool near her toes she starts having a jerking fit, screaming, and laughing. I'm not sure if it hurts her or if she is just so incredibly ticklish that she can't even stand the thought. Well, today was nearly the same with one exception - today as I started the excavation process on her toes she started PRAYING. "Oh, help me me Lord...". The following was the short conversation we had.

Why? What are you laughing at mommy?

Just you sweet-pea.

What did I do?

Praying for God to help you. I just found your words funny.

What's so funny about it mommy? Didn't you say God would help us with anything?

Yes I did and obviously you have a better grasp on it that even I do. Good job!

Hey, at least she's listening!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Snippets From Syd; Tangles and Torments

Is there anyone out there who can give me a sure fire way of tangle-free hair? I know that I probably shouldn't be using this as a post to one that I find Joy in, but I can't just can't help it. Our youngest daughter has a lot of very fine, long hair. Every day we battle with the same thing - brushing her hair. Not that the act, in itself, is any big deal, but the tangles are terrible. Maybe it's not the tangles at all - maybe it's simply the tender head of this particular child.

I don't know.

I myself do not have issues with this therefore I cannot understand why, when we encounter a tangle of seemingly normal magnitude, she lets loose with a sound that is comparable to a female cat in the mating process. For those of you who have not had the utmost privilege of hearing this sound before - it is the most haneous sound that you can possibly hear in this natural world. I cannot think of a sound that I would rather NOT hear more than this particular one. I'm sorry if this is offensive, but I cannot think of another sound that is even in the running.

I admit when I brush through my hair or our oldest daughter brushes though her hair (both being longer in length) encountering tangles, it is not all cotton candy and lolly pops, but it's a simple OUCH! and that's about the extent of it.

I get worried toward bedtime.

This time of the day signifying the ritualistic brushing through of the trampoline jumping, wind blown, bike riding, wrestling with the dog, and somersault in the grass tangles. I sometimes worry about what the neighbors are thinking of us? As she screams like bloody murder ~ I try to comfort her using a voice that must be louder than hers (so she can hear me past the cat's shrill) with a still loving tone.

I can just imagine our neighbors setting their clocks to chime at 7:45pm as a reminder to turn up their televisions so they don't hear that "poor child whaling" as her mother torments her.

In any case, if any of you have advice on tangle free hair (that doesn't make hair look like you haven't washed in weeks), I would be most glad to hear from you. In the meantime, happy brushing!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hamballs and Spinach

Like I said in my last post - I am really trying to take the good from each and every day to find Joy in. Today was a good day, and although nothing "spectacular" happened I must praise the Lord for EVEN the little things.

I have been blessed with children (and a husband) that will eat just about anything I put in front of them on the table. However, if they didn't they wouldn't eat since I stick to the 'ol "this is what dinner is tonight, if you don't like it, you'll be hungry" attitude. In any case, even my children are so good about trying new things and liking most of the foods they do try.
Today we had family in for our oldest daughter's birthday celebration and I fixed hamballs, potatoes, and fresh spinach salad. When my kids asked what we were having for lunch I told them what was on the menu for the day. In unison, they piped up with joyous expression and excitement, rubbing their tummies as they made the "MMMMMMM....." noise you hear when you mention ice cream to kids, thanking Jesus for hamballs and spinach.

How much better could it get? The word euphoric can be used to describe my immediate feelings on the matter!!! Hallelujah.........

Friday, April 06, 2007

Ali-iam; Maturity

I have been putting a conscience effort into finding, and remembering, the things that happen from day to day, that I can look back on and laugh, smile, or just receive Joy in.

Yesterday our oldest child turned 12. Of course the schedule for the day was intermingled with many phone calls from family and friends to tell her happy birthday or sing to her that sweet little ditty that nobody can quite make sound "sweet". However, there was one call that I overheard and was later explained. It went something like this:

Grandpa:  Well, hello and Happy Birthday!!!

Child:  Thank you, Grandpa.

Grandpa:  Well, how is your day going?

Child:  Good.

Grandpa:  How do you feel? Being the big 1-2 now?

Child:  (in all seriousness) A lot more MATURE.

Oh, to be that mature again. That, folks, was just another Ali-ism.
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